Introducing the new Owner of MP @ County Line

Article By: Carl Bastedo

Hi Everyone: I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the new owner of County Line. His name is Iain Hayden, Iain has competed in Motocross in Canada since the age of 13. He has also raced in Europe and the US. He has retired from the Pro ranks and for the past couple of years has ridden in the +30 class.

Iain also started racing Snocross in 2002. He won a record 8th Canadian National Pro title in 2015/16 and has semi-retired from the sport. He has competed in 10 XGames as well as World Snocross Championships in Russia and Sweden. He will compete in a number of +30 class races in the US in the 2016/17 season for Rockstar/Polaris

Iain had also worked at Moto Park, in Chatsworth Ontario, as an Instructor, at our 5 day summer camps starting in 2004. He became friends with myself over the years of racing and working at our summer camps and had expressed an interest in the business. I developed a medical problem in 2009 and felt that it was time to semi-retire and turn the business over to younger, more tuned in management.

I sold my interest in Moto Park to Iain in 2010. The park has grown substantially in the last few years. Iain decided, that because of his retirement from the Pro ranks in both Motocross and Snocross, he wanted to expand his involvement in the business. Realizing that Moto Park in Canada operated from April thru October it was easy to decide on an expansion into the US, especially Florida, where he could operate his business with very little overlap with his Canadian operation.

Iain has a number of plans to upgrade and improve the tracks at County Line as he did at Moto Park. Our track here is known for being kept in top condition and this will be the case at County Line. Iain has a number of friends in the Motocross industry in the US and one of them, Florida Pro Matt Goerke, will act as Club Pro at County Line. Matt is also working with Iain to build an Arenacross track on site and will be conducting training for riders on this new addition to the County Line facility.

On a personal note, Iain and his wife Michelle are expecting their first child in March next year. Michelle will be keeping the home fires warm over the winter and looks forward to joining Iain at MP @ County Line for the 2017/18 season.

Iain will be at the track next week working with current staff to get ready to open October 27. Wishing Iain the best of luck in his new project. Carl Bastedo, Founder, Motopark.